Designing and optimizing online services and applications that work effectively, without complicating the life of the user. That's what I love to do.

I don’t make big plans upfront, but create and test to validate the assumptions. From business objectives to user research, from requirements to wireframes, and from functional design to user interface design and prototypes. I love each part of my work.

  • I'm passionate about UX and driven to design functional and usable interfaces.
  • I have a solid understanding of data-driven design, mobile strategy and web development.
  • I enjoy working in Scrum teams with experts on well-defined goals.
  • I have a deep sense of empathy, which fuels my passion to craft honest and meaningful experiences for people.
  • I embrace experimentation and I'm not afraid to be wrong.
  • I'm a creative, big-picture thinker obsessed with crafting the details.
  • I speak the language of the front-end and backend developer (to a certain degree).
  • I have a solid foundation in design principles and typography.

Jim de Vlieger


Design Thinking   ·   Agile   ·   Scrum   ·   Lean UX   ·   User Interface Design   ·   Responsive Design   ·   Rapid Prototyping   ·   Usability Testing   ·   User Research   ·   Data Analysis   ·   Interaction Design   ·   Information Architecture   ·   Surveys   ·   Interviewing   ·   Content Analysis   ·   Competitive Analysis   ·   Experience Mapping   ·   Storyboards   ·   User Flows   ·   Scenarios   ·   Wireframing   ·   Design Systems   ·   Front-end   ·   HTML   ·   CSS   ·   LESS   ·   JS   ·   A/B Testing   ·   Accessibility   ·   Heuristic Evaluation   ·   UML   ·   Stakeholder Management


  1. Increased conversion by 12,9% overall (on all devices), with the redesigned Shopping basket & Checkout funnel for a big client.
  2. Increased conversion (168%) of applications from international students in 3 months time, with the redesigned application process and Saxion.edu website.
  3. Increased efficiency of the planning department, with a custom-built planning application for a big client. More incoming calls were handled and more advisor and installation appointments could be scheduled with hardly any errors.


Sketch   ·   InVision   ·   Principle   ·   Jira   ·   Slack   ·   Post-its   ·   Pen & Paper   ·   Brown Paper   ·   Hotjar   ·   Photoshop   ·   Illustrator   ·   OmniGraffle   ·   Google Analytics   ·   Google Optimize   ·   Google Search Console   ·   Lighthouse   ·   DSM   ·   Craft   ·   Pingdom   ·   ImageOptim   ·   Wacom Tablet   ·   Mac Pro